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Message to all my clients. 

Please do not over water the Orchid plants. 

If you have bought a plant off me please follow the guidelines and my initial advice. 

If I am contracted to you there is no need to water the plants as that is what you pay me for.  I regularly find the plants waterlogged. 

To those of you that bought Vanda orchid plants. There is no water or soil in the base and the roots are visible. The flowers on the plant dislike water. If water touches the petals they turn brown and die. To water this plant you must soak only the roots for no more than 30 mins and you must be very careful not to splash water on the petals. 

To those of you that bought Phalenopsis orchid plants.  You only need to soak these in water every other week for 5 minutes and in the summer time once a week. If you do not have time to do this water sparingly once a week. The plant should not be sitting in water. When you see the leaves turn floppy and yellow it means you are loving them to death! Stop over watering.

Thank you